Intern Profile: Hope Kirby

Food Systems Intern | Garden Club Coordinator1911886_10152326986327327_5287940059729930571_n

Hope is one of our Food Systems Interns here at World Hunger Relief, Inc. A recent graduate from Oklahoma State University, Hope received her degree in Child and Family Studies. She focused her studies on human development and family science, geography, art and entrepreneurship. Shortly after graduating, Hope took 4 months and devoted her time to building relationships and spreading the gospel in Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda through Adventures in Missions. It was here that she discovered her passion for farming. “[I] realized that a lot of people lack education about ways they can provide for themselves and their family.”

Lacking the knowledge to fulfill her passion to educate others about ways to be self-sufficient, she turned to looking for internships in sustainable agriculture. After her time at World Hunger Relief, Hope would like to take the knowledge she gains to share with others around the world. Specifically, she and her husband, Josh, have a strong desire to return to south/east Africa to learn from locals and to share the knowledge she gains here about rabbits as a sustainable meat for families, rainwater harvesting, medicinal plants, and gardening in general. She would also like to start her own coffee shop and maintain a small scale self-sustaining farm that produces vegetables, milk, and honey so that her family, community, and coffee-shop customers may benefit from it and the healthy life style it provides.

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