Veggie Video Challenge

Showcasing your favorite veggie recipes!

All you have to do to participate is:

Tape a short (15 second to 3 minute) video creatively explaining your favorite veggie-centric recipe then post it to YouTube, encourage your friends to give to your team by using one of the new Donation Card feature and share your video with WHRI and your networks through social media, e-mail or however you communicate!

Read more about cards the new donation program and how to insert them into your video here.  World Hunger Relief, Inc. is one of the first members in this program so you will be able to choose us from the list.  It is really quite easy and as an added bonus during the beta phase we don’t have to pay any credit card processing fees!

Teams will receive awards for views, likes and dollars raised.

Use #veggietube  and #wacofresh then e-mail a link to to make sure your included in the challenge.

Prizes include:

-Video of the week features on social media and our website.

-Veggie Video film fest at Farm Day April 30th at the farm.

-Inclusion of the recipe in the Veggie Van cookbook.


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