Service Learning

Living On The Other Side (LOTOS)

A Global Poverty Service Learning Program for Youth and Adults

Educating Participants and Inspiring Active Responses
to Issues of Global Hunger and Poverty

“An estimated 1.02 billion people in the world go hungry. Each year, 3 million under-five children die because they are undernourished.” (World Bank Group 2008)

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, so why are people hungry?

This is an example of the type of probing question asked as a part of the Service Learning experience. Our enthusiastic staff is committed to educating participants about the causes and issues related to global hunger. These intersecting topics include poverty, issues affecting women and children, access to clean water, rural living, forced labor, global hunger awareness, and the impact of our lifestyle choices on our global neighbors.

More than just sitting and listening, participants learn through games, videos, skits, and engaging educational activities. They will also participate in the daily labor faced by struggling families in order to better understand what life is like for the millions of hungry people around the world. The format of the Service Learning program is designed for either an 8-hour experience, or a more comprehensive 24-hour overnight experience. Both programs can be modified to fit your group’s area of interest within the goals and objectives of the program.

This experiential program is ideal for:

  • Church youth groups
  • Adult church groups
  • Groups involved in short/long term mission trips
  • Youth clubs
  • Civic and community organizations
  • College clubs and organizations
  • Families

Program Costs :

8 hr. Experience $25/person
24 hr. Experience $50/person

Planning a multi-day or week-long trip? We can do that too.

Groups may extend their experience for $15/person per day

Sample Activities:

13 cent Breakfast
Participants wrestle with the choices people in poverty are forced to make when buying food with limited resources.

World Map Activity
This activity visually and tangibly illustrates the distribution of population and resources around the world using our giant outdoor world map.

Hunger Meal
Participants engage the issue of hunger through an interactive meal that represents the meals eaten worldwide and the gap between rich and poor.

Dinner on the Other Side
Participants prepare and eat an entire meal simulating developing world conditions: harvesting vegetables, carrying water, harvesting wood for a fire, and slaughtering a chicken if they choose to eat meat.

Before You Come:

Skip at least one meal prior to your arrival. Food will be available to you throughout the weekend, but having skipped a meal is an important part of our opening activities. Bring one change of clothing (that can get dirty), sleeping bag, and hygiene items in one small backpack. No cell phones or electronic devices, please!

More Information:

For more details, sample schedules, and registration forms please download our 2013 LOTOS packet

To register or discuss, please contact or 254-799-5611