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Fall 2016




















Intern Profiles: Lisa Attaway and Rhyne Cureton

Alumni Update: Amber Jekot

Volunteer Profile: Mike Stroope

Summer 2016

Inter Profiles: Dirk Oudman and Daniel Stewart

Alumni Updates: Neal and Marie Curran, Allan De Laurell, Nathan and Amy Fair,  Kaely Necessary, Alex and Alison Parker-Needham

Reunion Edition Spring 2016

Featured Alumni: Annali and Zacary Smucker-Bryan, Esther Honegger, Mark Montgomery.

Winter 2016

Intern Profiles: VonHerbulis Family, Bryce Toole, and Darcy Groom

Farm Day, Farm Reunion, and 40th Aniversary

Alumni Updates: Ali Stanke, Terri Lou Paulson, Ruth (Mick) Mischler, Patrick O’Connor, Lucas Land and Will Summers.

Summer 2015

Part 1 What does this symbol mean?

Part 2: “A Photo Journey of Central American Community Development Lessons”Farm Notes 2015-08 part 2

Part 3: Intern Profile and Updates

Intern Profile: Esther Honegger

Updates: Jonathan King, David and Hannah (Brooks) Heddy, Ben and Hannah (Demsey) Lusk, Kelly Lawson, Oneas Mufandaedza, Lena Yual, Merideth Story Williams, Melissa White

Spring 2015

Feature: “A Community of Resilience.”

Intern Profiles: Sarah Slemons and Gina Anderson

Updates: Sarah Abdelmessih, Jonas Horsh, Ben and Heidi Fisher, Whitney (Petty) Johnson, Jocelyne (Philpot) Ellzy, James Walawender

Winter 2015

Feature: “Learning and Serving on the Farm”

Intern Profiles: Hope Kirby and Leah Kelly

Updates: Yui Iwase, Jonathan and Bethel Erickson Bruce, Courtney Angel, Alexandra Stanke

December 2014

Feature : “Announcing the Veggie Van”

Intern Profiles: Krystel Pierre, Kaley Necessary

Updates:  Kristi Pereira, Geoff Tam, Emily Heidt, Neil Rowe Miller, Sara and Anthony Systma, Ben Carrol and Marissa Binkoski

July 2014

Feature “A New Perspective”

Intern Profiles: Jacy Prewit and Sarah Abdelmessih

Updates: Aaron and Faith Dowdy, Aaron and Elise Basescue, Jessica and Justin Bullock

April 2014

Feature “Motivation Through Education”

Intern Profiles: Emily Heidt and Geoff Tam

Updates: David Campbell, Robin and Zachary Entz, Jeremy Everett, and Jon Strom

March 2014

Feature: “Hope in Haiti”

Intern Profiles: Karla Martin and Valerie Metzler

Updates: Merideth Mayrand, Conway Del Conte, Susan (Trainor) Ndiaye, and Jessica Johnson

January 2014

Feature: “Celebrating Arrivals and Farewells”

Intern Profiles: Yui Iwase and Marissa Binkowski

Updates: Dale Barron, Hannah Breckbill, Kris Hiew, Chip and Jean Kingery,
Myles Werntz, Karin White, and Peter and Kristin Zylstra-Moore

September 2013

Feature: Three Healthy Meals, Seven Days a Week

Intern Profiles: Sara Sytsma and Ben Carroll

Updates: Samson Abukari, Brady Grimes, Amber Jekot, Kelsey Scherer, and the Stufflebeam family.

July 2013

Feature: “Dwelling in the Culture of Christ”

Intern Profiles: Job Carpenter and Camille Cody

Updates: Sara Cooper; Nathan, Amey, Ben, Averick, Deacon and Pheobe Fair; Jennifer Gingerich; Rebecca Sobkoviak; Carl and LaTrisha Spain; and Neal and Marie Curran

May 2013

Feature: “Glimpses of Real Life”

Intern Profiles: Allyson Pollman and Elizabeth Ross

Updates: Peter and Ellie Andres; Zac and Annali Smucker-Bryan; James Griffin; Peter Jackson; Lucas, Sarah, Asher, Lydia, and Dorthy Jane Land; and Will Summers

March 2013

Feature: “Building for the Future” Neil Miller

Intern Profile: Kathleen Lokey and Adrienne Griggs

Updates:  Rachel Barkley Menjivar, Amber Smith, Wes, Jodie and Synova Smith, and James, Kasey and Thomas Walawender

January 2013

Feature: “Cultivating School Gardening Partners” Matt Hess

Intern Profile: Dirk Leichty and Lydia Short

Updates:  Allan De Laurel, Terri Lynn Paulson, Ryan Pickup and Katherine Moncrief, Josh and Maria Eley McLane, Ruth (Mick) Mischler, and Jon and Hannah West

September 2012

Feature: “Serving the Servants” Matt Hess

Intern Profile: James Walawender

Updates:  Jeremy and Amy Everett, David and Hannah (Brooks) Heddy, James and Jessica Nuanez, Mark Montgomery

July 2012

Feature: “Nurturing Kingdom People” Neil Miller

Staff Profiles: Rebecca Mann, Randy Fish, Kristi Pereira

Intern Profile: Kelsey Scherer

May 2012

Feature: “Called By God To Serve” Neil Miller

Intern Profiles: Elizabeth Ross and Amber Jekot

People Updates: Mary Brentham, David & Stephanie Cole, Aaron & Faith Dowdy, Robin & Zachary Heppner Entz, Etta (Emberlain) Mill

With special updates on: greenhouse construction and WHRI’s International-Service Learning Internships.

March 2012

Feature: “Servant Leadership: WHRI Restructures” Neil Miller

Intern Profiles: Chris Small and Jessica Johnson

People Updates: David and Ann Campbell, Jeananne VanderZaag, Jessica and Justin Bullock, Jimmy and Kay Davis, Charlie and Brooke Ramsey

January 2012

Feature: “Making Training Pay: WHRI Farm Enterprises, ” Neil Miller

Intern Profiles: Rene Njamnshi and Annali Smucker

People Updates: Samson Abukari – Aaron & Elise Voyvodic Basescu – Neal & Marie Hafeman Curran – Charles & Norma Farr – Swathi Malepati – Dan & Lisa Sacks – Susan Trainor

September 2011

Feature: “WHRI Intern Training: On-Going Blessings, New Directions,” Neil Miller

“Drawn to Ministry,” Rebecca Sobkoviak

People Updates: Bessie Hilliard – Merideth Mayrand – Jocelyne Philpott – Kathleen Politowski – Jon Strom

July 2011

Feature: “International Partnership and Participation,” Neil Miller

“Trying On New Hats,” Karin White

People Updates: Hannah Breckbill -Gianna Mulherin – Brad and Jennie Stufflebeam – Will Summers – Terry and Kathy Waller – Miles Werntz

May 2011

Feature: “Taking Effective Action Against Local Hunger,” Matt Hess

“Following the Unexpected,” Wes Smith

People Updates: Zac and Amy Robertson Griffin – Catrien Griffiths – Lucas and Sarah Land – Amber Smith – Kathleen Steindler

March 2011

Feature: “New Beginnings in El Salvador,” Neil Rowe Miller

“Blueberries and Dirty Fingernails,” Katherine Moncrief

People Updates: Allan DeLaurell – Bill Godsey- Kris Hiew – Rachel (Barkley) Menjivar – Jackson Nelson

January 2011

Feature: “Creating Awareness as we Grow,” David Cole
“Training Perspective,” Aaron Basescu
People Updates: Ruth (Mick) Mishler – Jeanan (Vander Zaag) Glen – Patrick O’Connor – Jon & Hannah West

September 2010

Feature: “Faith…”, Neil Miller
“Living Body and Soul”, Jessica Bullock
People Updates: Mike and Myriam Lawson, Jeremy and Amy Everett, David and Hanna Heddy, Bethel Erickson, Nicholas and Molly Waters

July 2010

Feature: “Partnering in Stewardship”, Dale Barron
“Off the Beaten Path”, Justin Bullock
People Updates: Zachary & Robin Heppner Entz- Terri Lynn Paulson-
Joshua & Maria Eley McClain- Aaron & Faith Dowdy

May 2010

Feature: “Out of the Rubble… Hope”, Neil Miller
“Planting the Seeds for Change”, Kelly Thompson
People Updates: Samson Abukari- Jean Ryther-
Kelley Bruce- Charlie & Brooke Ramsey

March 2010

Feature: “When Helping Hurts”, Matt Hess
“The Long Road Home”, Neal Curran
People Updates: Dan & Lisa Sacks – Sara Ingram –
Bob & Jan Salley – James Griffin

January 2010

Feature: “Seeking Deliverance for Haiti”, Neil Rowe Miller
“Growing Family Values”, Lucas & Sarah Land
People Updates: Lena Yual – Charles Farr –
Jon Strom – Will Summers – Matt & Katie Sciba

November 2009

Feature: “Cultivating Partners in El Salvador”, Neil Rowe Miller
“Working for Justice”, Hannah Breckbill
People Updates: Peter and Ellie Bostwick Andres – Samson Abukari –
Kristen Box Pearson – James Wilson

September 2009

Growing Green
Feature: “When Two Worlds Collide”, Swathi Malepati
People Updates: Susan Trainor – Peter & Kristine Zylstra-Moore –
Jocelyne Philpott – Aaron & Faith Dowdy

July 2009

Keeping a Global Perspective
Feature: “The Long Flight Home”, Melody Kakunim
People Updates: Meredith Mayrand- Kathy Politowski-
Zachary & Robin Heppner Entz – Terry & Kathy Waller

May 2009

TheTexas Hunger Initiative
Feature: “Nurturing a Passion”, Jessi Masquelier
People Updates: Brad & Jenny Stufflebeam- Mike and Miriam Lawson-
Josh & Maria Eley-McLain – Lynn Rundle – Rachel (Barkley) Menjivar

March 2009

Planting Change in the City
Feature: “Sowing Kingdom Seeds”, Bethel Erickson
People Updates: Allan DeLaurell – Jeremy & Everett-Ruth (Mick) Mishler –
Patrick O’Conner – Micah Pascucci

January 2009

Part of a Larger Plan
Feature: “It Is the Doing of the Lord”, Samson Abukari
People Updates: Will Summers – Wolfgang & Heidi Mueller – Jon West – Etta Mill –
Jocelyne Philpott





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